Chauffeur Hire

We provide top-notch chauffeur transport services to the best-accepted standard. Our I Taxi Exeter friendly chauffeurs will help you with your travel needs and ensure that you have seamless transportation to your destinations.

Coupled with our upscale fleet of vehicles is the excellent chauffeur hire that takes care of your transfers in the most comfortable, stress-free and efficient manner. We are the best choice for your cruise, business trip, wedding hire and special occasion services. You can count on I Taxi Exeter to deliver the most enjoyable, seamless experience.


Our Chauffeur Hire Includes:

1. Chauffeur Transport Services

I Taxi Exeter offers first-class chauffeur hire services for your smooth and seamless transportation to your destination. Make your booking and let us take you there while you sit back in a luxury vehicle perfect for your class.

2. Wedding Hire

We provide top-notch chauffeur hire for weddings. If you need chauffeur transportation for bride and groom only or the entire wedding party, we will make sure that your special day goes smoothly and seamlessly. We can also take care of your chauffeur transportation for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

3. Business Trip

Our chauffeur hire services also take cater to clients going on business trips. You deserve to be as comfortable as possible while en-route to the venue of your business meetings, seminars and other business engagements. Our chauffeurs are professional and dedicated in providing clients with an enhanced experience.


What Our Chauffeur Hire Offers

1. Professional Chauffeurs

The quality of our chauffeurs is crucial to our business. Consequently, we spend more time in hiring the best drivers to provide our clients with the service they deserve and expect. Our chauffeurs are courteous and highly experienced in the art of chauffeuring; they are the finest around.

2. Neatly Dressed

Our chauffeurs are neatly dressed in dark suits and elegantly presented. All of our chauffeurs are licensed, and they have excellent knowledge of the road networks and topography of Exeter.

3.Commitment to Service

During our selection process, we prioritise the drivers’ attitude, commitment to service and the driving experience. Based on our thorough procedure, we hire the best drivers whose values meet with our goals of customer satisfaction. I Taxi Exeter takes pride in the highest level of service offered by our chauffeurs. 

4. High Confidentiality

We firmly believe in and respect the privacy of our clients. All our chauffeurs are made to understand this before signing our confidentiality agreement. When you choose us for your chauffeur hire, your privacy is both preserved and respected.


Book your chauffeur transportation with us and have an exhilarating experience.